Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn!

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Ages: 5-99 Players: 2-4 players Game Length: 15-20 minutes The crocodile would have preferred to make an excursion on his own, just drifting around on his tree trunk across the wide ocean. But that is not going to happen because the other animals are already jostling about, as they want to come along too. Whether big or small they all try to find a place on the back of the crocodile. Whoever manages to do so needs to hold on tight, as things will start to turn. The trip will get quite turbulent and falling off is quite dangerous, as sharks are already lying in wait in the water! Another crazy twist on the classic Animal Upon Animal game! Try them all! Includes: 1 game board 1 rotating disk 22 wooden animals 1 shark fin 1 die with symbols 2 wooden disks Set of game instructions

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