A Song of Ice and Fire: Stark Attachments #1

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Houses great and small from across the vast North flock to the Direwolf Banner in the War of the Five Kings. The Starks are known for their integrity, justice, and loyalty. Their bannermen fight all the fiercer wtih the knowledge that their cause is honorable. Stark officers readily face down threats that would send lesser men fleeing. Although not as well-equipped as wealthier houses, Stark veterans know that battles are about more than shiny steel. Swords are useless without good men to wield them, and House Stark gathers the very best among men. Contents: 11 Miniatures - 2 Sworn Sword Captains - 2 Umber Champions - 2 Crannogman Wardens - 2 Mormont Veterans - 2 Crannogman Survivalists - 1 Winterfell Guardian 11 Attachment Cards

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