A Song of Ice and Fire: Mormont Bruisers

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House Mormont Bruisers are men selected for their dedication to House Mormont and their fearsome nature. Like the great bear that is their house sigil, these men hit hard and go down fighting. Their light armor consists mostly of padded leather and light chain, giving them decent mobility. The last thing an opponent wants to face are those troops on a flank. When suffering losses, Bruisers only become more dangerous, vowing blood for blood and often taking their enemies with them. Owing to their light armor, a commander should not expect them to hold the line unsupported for long, but the enemy will face the fight of their lives to dislodge them. Contents: 12 Miniatures - 1 Bannerman - 11 Bruisers 1 Unit Card 1 Movement Tray (140x120mm)

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