300-23 Necromunda Gang War 4

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Necromunda: Gang War Four continues to expand on the game, intorducing a wealth of new rules to add even more variety, scope and excitement to your battles in the underhive. Inside you will find: Gangs of House Cawdor: Rules and background for the relic-scavenging masses of the pauper house. New Hired Guns and Wargear: More Hired Guns for your gangs, such as the psychic hunter Ortruum 8-8, as well as additional weapons and wargear, including rules for adding bionics to your fighters, allowing you to replace their mangled limbs or missing eyes. New Ways to Play: A selection of new scenarios to add even more variety to your games, expanded ruels for Skirmish games as well as guidelines for running Necromunda: Underhive tournaments. The Dominion Campaign: A brand new campaign system for Necromunda: Underhive, containing everything you need to chart the gang war for an enitre region of the hive.

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