200-86 Spike Journal 9

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BEST OF ENEMIES Allies of Inconvenience: Looking for a team that combines the best attributes of several different races into one easy-to-handle package? do you believe all problems can be solved through high strength and low intelligence? Maybe you think Humans and Dwarfs have a lot to learn from Halflings? If you feel you have something to prove, a mixed team might be just the thing for you! This unique issue of Spike! Journal focuses on not just one team, but three! From the outcasts and misfits that make up Chaos Renegade teams, to the mutated freaks that crawl from the deepest, darkest caves to form Underworld Denizends teams, to the often drunk, barely-trained amateurs that band together as Old World Alliance teams, this issue takes a look at them all! Whirling Blades: As if that wasn't enough, This issue takes a close look at the star players make these teams great, paying particular attention to the glory of the Chainsaw! we feature not one, not two, not even three, but four of the game's most infamous chainsaw-wielding loonies! Spike! features: All this plus the regular features, including Chat with the Rat, where Quillchewer argues about mutation and religion with an outcast Skaven, Coffin Corner returns to pay tribute to some of this season's most entertaining deaths, and finally, everyone's favourite gossip, Mindy Piewhistle, wonders aloud why we don't see Elves playing in Old World Alliance teams!

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