A Christmas Carol Adventure 5E RPG (Softcover)

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Darkness. The world sleeps. It is the night before Christmas, and Lord Ebenezer Scrooge is waking up- but he isn't alone. Wvil never sleeps. It lies in wait in a forgotten village, hidden under blankets of white. Poor Ebenezer. Will he face evil alone, or will you join the fight to save his soul? One 48-page one-shot module compatible with D&D 5th Edition. Behind the cover awaits a new twist on a classic tale. The beloved story by Charles Dickens has been transformed into a tabletop adventure. A Christmas Carol Adventures is presented in two parts designed to assist new game masters with a step-by-step walkthrough while also providing a broader overview for those with experience who are just eager to save Christmas! Ages 8+, 2-6 Players, 4+ hours playing time

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