Starfinder RPG Adventure Path: Fly Free or Die (Part 4) - The White Glove Affair (Softcover)

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The Heist of a Lifetime You may not think of yourself as a criminal, but when you've got a surefire tip that'll let you steal one of the Prophets of Kalistrade's golden commerce barges...well, those people basically worship money, so they've got it coming (and besides, they're insured). But when the heist goes wrong and your plan turns into a long con, can you stay ahead of the Kalistocrats long enough to make off with the loot? Inside this book, you'll find: • "The White Glove Affair," an adventure for 7th-level characters, by Kendra Leigh Speedling. • The history and philosophy of the Prophets of Kalistrade in the Starfinder setting, including a Kalistocrat archetype for player characters, by Randal Meyer. • Three side jobs, short adventures that can be played in one session, by Joshua Hennington and Lu Pellazar. • An archive of alien creatures by Violet Hargrave, Joshua Hennington, Lue Pellazar, and Kendra Leigh Speeding. • Statistics and deck plans for the Kalistocracy's golden commerce barges and Fortune's Heart, the secret trade resort the Prophets have concealed in the Drift, by Kendra Leigh Speeding.

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