Starfinder RPG Adventure Path: Fly Free or Die (Part 3) - Professional Courtesy (Softcover)

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In Over Your Head Time is money out the in the Vast, and when someone asks for a favor, usually you go along only for the payout. But Tarika, who has helped you make a living out here in the depths of space, needs a favor - her daughter has gone missing on a remote water world, and she needs you to find her. There's no money in it, but maybe this time you can make an exceptions. Let's hope you don't regret it! Inside this book you'll find: • "Professional Courtesy," a Starfinder adventure for 5th-level characters, by Joe Pasini. • Three side jobs, short adventures that can be played in one session, by Jessica Ross. • Rules and new player options for adventuring in aquatic environment, by Joe Pasini. • An archive of alien creatures - including aglians, a species a sentient eels who form new identities every time they swarm - by Patrick Hurley, Avi Kool, Andrew Mullen, and Joe Pasini. • Statistics and deck plans for the heavily armed EJ Corp Negotiator, as well as a dive into Entha, an ocean planet home to a Company terraforming project and an ancient magical mystery, by Joe Pasini.

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