Learn to Paint: Layer Up! Bones Paint Set

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1 Easy to follow Instruction Guide by award winning painter Rhonda Bender 2 MSP Paint Brushes: (08504) #1 Round and (08506) #3/0 Round 3 Bones Miniatures: (77068) Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard, (77134) Hajad, Pirate, and (77167) Ingrid, Female Gnome 1 Empty MSP paint bottle 11 Bottles of MSP Core Colors: (09007) Marigold Yellow, (09042) Dark Highlights, (09231) Heather Blue, (09401) Dragon Red, (09436) Bleached Linen, (09440) Ebony Flesh, (09444) Scholar Flesh, (09449) Dragon Bronze, (09453) Filigree Silver, (29802) Brilliant Red, and (29828) Woodland Brown. These 0.5 oz bottles of acrylic paints are non-toxic, water-soluble, and crafted with high-density pigments especially for improved coverage in miniature painting. These paints are airbrush-friendly and designed to coordinate and work well when combined with other Master Series Paint products.

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