A Song of Ice and Fire: Greyjoy Heroes #2

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The battles raging throughout the interior of Westeros are good for House Greyjoy as the coastlines are left relatively undefended against the Kraken's raids. The halls of House Greyjoy are filled with all manner of spoils. Asha Greyjoy's ambition could see these new riches making her Queen. Tristifer Botley's kind heart sets Lordsport aside from the regular raider nests. Meanwhile, Captains Baelor Blacktyde and Dagmer Cleftjaw pilot their ships with ease into enemy ports. And Beron Blacktyde and Moqorro look to the mysticism around the seas for guidance. These diverse character exert their influence in different ways, but all in service of the Kraken. Contents: 6 Miniatures - Asha Greyjoy - Tristifer Botley - Moqorro - Dagmer Cleftjaw - Beron Blacktyde - Baelor Blacktyde 6 Attachment Cards 4 NCU Cards 12 Tactics Cards

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