400-32 Adeptus Titanicus Shadow and Iron

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Inside this volume you will find: – An overview of the Shadow Crusade and Crusade of Iron – Rules for using psi-Titans of the Ordo Sinister, including four psychic powers – Background and Legion-specific rules for six Titan Legions: Praesagius, Oberon, Lysanda, Infernus, Mordaxis and Audax – Background and rules for six Knight Houses: Orhlacc, Vornherr, Vyronii, Mordred, Malinax and Ærthegn – Full colour examples of paint schemes and heraldry – Four new maniples to use in your games – Rules for three new weapons – the Sinistramus Tenebrae, Natrix shock lance and ursus claw – plus new weapon traits – 18 new Stratagems – Five narrative missions based on the greatest battles of the Crusade of Iron – Extensive rules for organising an Adeptus Titanicus campaign – Guidelines for map campaigns and different worlds to battle across – How to build and maintain a Titan battlegroup or Knight Household across multiple games – Rules for hostile battlefields based on conditions across the 500 Worlds of Ultramar, including worlds where the warp has taken hold

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